Highfield Accredited Course

First Aid at Work 3 Day Course

Whether you’re booking for yourself or a member of your team, you can rest assured that our three-day course will provide you with all the knowledge and skills training you need to become a certified First Aider at work.

You will learn the role of the first aider, and what responsibilities fall to them in an emergency, through communication, casualty care and the use of AED. You will become accustomed to the basics of asthma, bleeding (both minor and severe) burns and scalds, chest pain, choking, fainting, eye injuries, head injuries, low blood sugar, poisoning, and severe allergic reactions. We will also introduce you to the health and safety regulations and what to do in the case of a serious spinal injury or when faced with an unresponsive casualty.

Over the course of three days, you will form relationships with the other attendees of the course, learning not only from our trainer but from each other’s experiences as well. The three-day course combines a mix of classroom-based learning and hands-on experience, keeping you engaged throughout.

To Book or Enquire: Call 01656 725447

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